# 3187 / # 3188 Wisdom tooth elevator acc. to Dr. Guillaume

The majority of impacted wisdom teeth have conical or, as in the case of wisdom tooth buds, even rounded roots. After elevating the mucosa and exposing the bone, access to the wisdom tooth is obtained.

To elevate the wisdom tooth from its boney socket, it is usually necessary to remove it in several fragments with wide drilling of the pericoronal bone.

The procedure is different with the new wisdom tooth elevator:

1. The tooth is elevated at its coronal part and the start of the radicular part.

2. Drilling a hole 2 to 3 mm in diameter at the enamel-dentine junction suffices to insert the tip of the instrument.

3. The head of the instrument is inserted into the tooth, and the tip is then rotated.

4. This simple manoeuvre allows the tooth to be elevated rapidly from its socket.

Depending on the wisdom tooth situation, the same instrument is used for the lower right and upper left widom teeth (4 8 and 2 8) and for the lower left and upper right widom teeth (3 8 and 1 8).

Ref. 3187 - for wisdom teeth 2 8 and 4 8

Ref. 3188 - for wisdom teeth 1 8 and 3 8