ZEMFIX®: fast - clean - safe

Innovative Cementing

ZEMFIX® is a set of instruments and adhesive sticks that allows you to safe time and money, by inserting complete bridges or crowns in seconds only. ZEMFIX® can avoid cross-contamination.

Application in implantology

With ZEMFIX® implant abutments can be seated easily and reliably. It is also very useful to hold the screwdriver for prostetic screws in a position with poor visibility as well as implant postitioning templates for hybrid prosthesis. With ZEMFIX® implant crowns can easily be transfered from the model and inserted without the risk of turning them out of position.

(1) Heat ZEMFIX® adhesive gently and equally over a naked flame.

(2) Heat the instrument tip gentlyover the flame as well. Then apply the adhesive on the instrument.

(3) As soon as the adhesive has a more firm consistency, the instrument will be pressed onto the crowns.

(4) Leave the instrument in place for approx. 15-20 seconds and let the adhesive cool down. Then, the crowns can be removed from the model easily.

(5) Now fill the cement into the crowns equally. This working step can be made at once which saves time and money. 

(6) The crowns can now be inserted all at once.

(7) With a sideways motion the crowns release with a "click" from the ZEMFIX® adhesive. 

(8) ZEMFIX® can also be used fo single crowns and inlays.


ZEMFIX® - according to Dr. Manuel Muñoz:

ZEMFIX® is exclusively distributed outside Germany by KOHLER Medizintechnik

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ZEMFIX® trailer
ZEMFIX® holders
ZEMFIX® adhesive sticks
Crowns, inlays and onlays
Implant crowns and abutments
Telescope crowns


8080 consisting of: 3 holders and 4 ZEMFIX® sticks 

8081 consisting of: 1 holder for front teeth and 2 ZEMFIX® sticks

8082 consisting of: 1 holder for side teeth and inlays and 2 ZEMFIX® sticks

8083 consisting of: 1 holder for side teeth and cheeck retractor use (wide)

                            and 2 ZEMFIX® sticks

8084: packaging of 12 ZEMFIX® sticks

8085: packaging of 4 ZEMFIX® sticks

8086: ZEMFIX® stand, made from plexiglas 26x8x2cm with 16 drill

          holes for a proper organization of the ZEMFIX® holders during use, 

          including  ZEMFIX® Logo.